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Welcome to Noovies! Here you will find a collection of the most popular video channels on the web. From professors to pranks, tricks to trucks, the editors of Noovies are always scouring the internet in search of the next "big thing". If it's a video channel that inspires you, Noovies will have it. If it's a video channel that challenges you, Noovies will have it. If it's a video channel that makes you laugh, cry, or both at the same time, Noovies will have it.

Noovies isn't just another video hosting website. Instead, Noovies takes unique steps in video viewing. All CHOSEN content (notice the emphasis on the word CHOSEN here) will automatically be entered into a year end awards ceremony. Noovies will choose video channels and video content worthy of a prestigious NOOVIES AWARD. Much like the Oscars, Noovies will be a top honor only a few creative video editors and producers will attain. During the year, there will be video challenges that you, the viewer, can participate in as a judge. The editors at Noovies will actively seek new and creative ways to incorporate the Noovies audience into the video experience.

Noovies will also offer forums for its fans to engage in dialogue concerning the video channels on display. Noovies editors will monitor all activity on the Noovies site as they prepare to crown the Noovies award winners at the end of the year.

Noovies is a creation of Steve Krentz and a team of savvy web veterans. We are video enthusiasts ready to take on the video world. The team will edit the content on the Noovies website as well as decide on the NOOVIES AWARD winners.

Below you can you view some of the first Noovies contributions. These video are simply a test of the Noovies website and do not necessary represent the views of this website. Eventually, it is the intention of this site to be the only one of its kind, dominating the video channel world.

Thank you for visiting Noovies - have a video filled day!

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